About Me

Dear Readers,

I am in love with the fact that you have decided to be a part of my blog.  I currently live in Charleston, South Caroline and attend school at Charleston Southern University where I’m majoring in Kinesiology.

Writing is my first and foremost passion and always has been. As I continue in my studies, I am still pursing my lifelong dream of being an author. The key thing that motivates me in my writing first and foremost is Jesus Christ. If it weren’t for him, I would have given up on my dream of being an author a long time ago. Along with Jesus Christ, my dad motivates me.  He is an author himself and has taught me everything I know about writing today.

When I feel the Lord tugging at my heart to be vulnerable in my writing or to put out a word of encouragement, I will absolutely follow through. I always kept away from “encouragement writing” or “self-help posts” because I know 100% that I don’t have it together and I am in no way higher than any one else. That being said, I’ve learned that being able to relate to other people, whether I know them or not, is an awesome way to connect with people on a level of love that is very much needed in everyone’s every day life.

So as I continue to pursue my goal of being an author of a novel (hopefully), I’m going to start blogging about the things the Lord lays on my heart. It could be as simple as ways to get motivated for working out or as deep as personal experiences.

Thank you so much for looking into my writing, I truly feel like God has given me a gift that He is going to use for his great and mighty plan.

Much Love,


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mrs. Keskes says:

    Dear 13 Mystiques,

    I enjoyed reading your reasons for writing; they are similar to my own. Writing from one’s experience lends itself to more powerful, authentic writing. I look forward to reading more of yours!

    Your loyal reader,

    Mrs. Keskes


    1. 13mystiques says:

      Thank you! I’m actually enjoying this!:)


  2. Mrs. Keskes says:

    Hello! As a Creative Writing student last semester, I want to invite you to a unique field trip opportunity in May to see Elena’s play performed on MSU’s campus. Elena was one of your writing peers last semester, and she’d love to have you join us and support her in this great accomplishment. Stop by my room if you’d like a permission slip! 🙂


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