I’m Just Trapped


Trapped. I feel trapped.
My mind is full of images that I can’t get out.
I have no way of forming them into real, tangible masterpieces because they are so deeply rooted and so well thought out.
One missing detail would make the whole creation fall apart.
So, I just keep them inside the walls of my mind.
But they keep banging on the prison walls just begging to come out.
I try to speak about them,
but no one understands me.
I try to explain them,
but no one can see what I’m seeing.
I feel so different.
No one understands me.
All of my emotions are drawn out with music.
All of my logic comes through hours of silence alone, just waiting and listening.
I feel sad.
I feel misunderstood.
I feel alone.
I feel sad.
I’m exploding with creativity, radical thoughts and dramatic actions that don’t seem too far for me,
but seem irresponsible, comical, or unreachable to everyone around me.
I feel confident in myself until I start speaking.
I can’t explain myself.
I just

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