3 Ways to Determine If You Are a Secret Nerd


  1. The only opening night viewing of a movie you’ve been to was Star Trek, Star Wars, or Marvel.

Sure, if you’re a SUPER nerd, you went to all of these movies on opening night, but we aren’t talking about super nerds, we are talking about secret nerds. If you’re anything like me, opening nights overwhelm you. You would much rather see a movie the weekend after it’s out and enjoy it than be crammed into the theater with a bunch of other crazies who are wearing Jedi outfits. Despite this, there is that one movie that you just really wanted to see as soon as possible. You just had to know everything before all the gossip slipped out and you knew all the plot twists before even entering the theatre. The only opening show I’ve ever been to was Avengers Age of Ultron and that’s when I knew I was a secret nerd.


  1. You actually like Star Trek better than Star Wars.

It’s easy to like Star Wars. The story line is clever, the villain has his own theme music, the lightsaber battles are entertaining to watch, but to you, that doesn’t beat the relationship between Kirk, Spock and McCoy. It takes a special kind of nerd to prefer the goofiness of Star Trek. You don’t even mind how funny the fight is between Kirk and the lizard in the desert. You grew up with Star Trek…in secret. While everyone was ranting and raving about the new Star Wars movies, you were on your couch watching the Nomad take over the Enterprise.


  1. You want to go to Comic Con, but you never will.

Comic Con is its own world. Literally, people dress up like characters from other worlds. You’ve always wanted to go and experience Comic Con, but you don’t want to actively participate in Comic Con. Your nerd world is your nerd world and sharing your nerd world with other people overwhelms you.



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